First of all welcome to my website! I hope you will enjoy the content and have a positive experience here.

My website is all about music: jams, sound design, product reviews, music production and many other topics that are music or sound related.

About me (the main author on this website): I’ve started playing piano when I was 7 years old (currently 38) and have had lessons till around 15 (if I remember correctly haha). Thus I kinda know my way around music theory, although the lessons I had used to be mostly practising existing pieces and some bluess improvisation. Not much actual music theory was taught, but I have picked up some knowledge on the matter over the years obviously.

About 2 years ago I figured I should expand on this and start my journey into music production using more then just the piano. This ranges from ipad music apps, midi controllers, drum computers, synthesizers, guitar (fx) pedals, voice transformers, mixers to eurorack modular systems.
Almost everything except a computer…

No computer? why not?

1. if you’re already spend each day working behind a computer, then you probably don’t want to increase that time.
2. using actual knobs, buttons, sliders and keys gives a more hands-on experience, which in my opinion, increases creativity and it’s simply a more enjoyable experience.
3. many devices are portable and can easily be taken outside, for a jam in the park, on the beach, in a ferris wheel or wherever else I might want to jam.

This is called dawless (because no Digital Audio Workstation is used), but…. some of these items are simply a daw in a box (like the ipad or some drumcomputers).

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the content on this website. Feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed.